The Green Economics Institute, founded in 2003,  is an international institute for green economics professionals, green economics, green jobs and green careers. It has the largest global green experts network that provides training, conferences, events, speakers and lecturers.

It has been credited with having developed the Academic Discipline of Green Economics and with making Economics Fun  and with widening the scope of what everyone thinks economics means today.

It also helped drive the Ambition of COP21 UN Climate Agrement in Paris, and it is currently driving a more robust and practical climate saving ambition for COP24 in Poland. Most of the governments in the world have come to the institute seeking its advise at one time or another, as have many of the world’s global institutions.

Among its other achievements, the team has won several awards including runner up in the Green Gown Awards for Excellence in TeachingThe 100 most powerful unseen women in the world for our green business work and gender equality work from One world Action and given by Jon Snow of the BBC and The Honour Award for Green Business from the Luxembourg Government.

As well as  having driving a more robust global reaction to  climate change, and a reform of main stream economics scope,its hi tech approach has been modelled upon and heavily influenced by, its corporate hi tech background in global communication systems, and logistics and supply chain management, and IT.

It also uses knowledge and methods from corporate training for business transformation, combined with natural  robust science, from Oxford University and involvement with cutting edge business product development and leading industrial change from within as well as first hand knowledge and creation of green dialogues for 30 years.

ItsFounder and CEO  Director is a member of Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute, and a UK government recommended climate scientist for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC. The Institute has its own delegation to the COP Process and the Kyoto Protocol, most recently one of the largest delegations and exhibition stands at the Bonn COP23 influencing the government focal points to raise their climate mitigation ambitions both at Bonn COP23 and Paris COP21. In its team, it has several Nobel Prize winners and also the creator of the Carbon Market and the Kyoto Protocol economics (as well as the Kyoto 2 concept). The Green Economics Institute aims to reform Economics, and to prevent poverty at its source, to stop the mass extinction of other species, to help humankind to survive, and to halt the current rapid climate change and to create a more sharing society based on social and environmental justice and equality and inclusion.

Throughout the year, the Green Economics Institute runs a series of events, including our Annual Green Economics Institute Conference, that include working trips, lectures and workshops. The Institute publishes over 100 titles of books, academic proceedings and papers as well as founding and running the worlds first and only green academic journal, The International Journal of Green Economics, now in its 12th year.