For tickets for all our events please visit email us at  info@geiconferences.org  and visit www.geiconferences,org where you can book directly -All our climate change events can be booked at info@geiclimate.org and www.geiclimate.org

  1. 2Tonnes of Carbon – lets stop runaway climate change together: Monday 19th November 2019  11.00 -16.00 in Westminster,  London a special one day conference planning for our Official United Nations Delegation to the Climate Conference Katowice which will take place next month. If you would like to take part and influence the outcome and stop runnaway climate change please come along. Admission is by ticket. Please come and debate about the climate – email info@geiclimate.org today to get a ticket. Visit our special climate website www.geiclimate.org

  1. Our Official United Nations Delegation to the COP 24 UNFCC Climate Change Conference in Katowice Poland- The Green Economics Institute is an official United Nations Climate Partner and  at COP24 we have 2 events, a 30 strong delegation and an Exhibition stand about 2 tonnes of carbon per person per year by 2022 as personal carbon  budgets and a fast ratcheting down by 50 per cent in 3 years of carbon usage around the world. 60 government representatives from around the world have already signed our pledge- some of the biggest governments in the world are discussing it behind the scenes- scientists embrace it privately – we all know it makes sense- now lets make it reality- humans can do this- we need to get on with it. To get your tickets to take part in any of this please email . www.geiclimate.org


    3.  The 14th Annual 3 Day Green Economics Institute Conference will take place in the week of the 20th of June 2019 at St Hugh’s College, University of Oxford- Saving civilisation, 15 years of Green Economics and The Green Economy, how  do we make sure it creates social and environmental justice avoiding a mad max scenario, 6th Ever mass extinction of species, and runaway climate change. Join us for this important conference -find out how it all works. Call for papers, speakers, partners, sponsors, sessions, workshops, ideas, themes. More information will be posted here regularly.Our bookings site for this confererence will be www.geiconferences.org and email info@geiconferences.org

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