We work at the cutting edge of Innovation and solutions to todays problems.

A Our Academic Journal the first Green Academic Journal in the World

The International Journal of Green Economics


B Our Cutting Edge Research Development Seminar June 15th 2018



C Our Range of Academic and Research Books, creating a body of research knowledge



D Our academic conferences run at The University of Oxford, now in their 13th year



E Our teaching, and writing and lectures around the world


F Our activities to Reform Economics


G Our activities to create a new discipline of Green Economics

Our founding article is regarded as an important milestone in the development of the discipline


H Our activities to promote social and environmental justice


I Our activities to slow down rapid climate change

The launch of our GEIClimate.org


J The launch of our Brand New GEIAcademy

The GEI Academy will be launching in June 2018 at The University of Oxford during our 13th Annual Green Economics  Institute Conference.

Visit us here www.geiacademy.org